Tag Management

Tag Management

What is a tag manager?

  • A tag manager is essentially a "container" tag that where you can place all other tags on your site

  • Hence, on your website, you will only have one singular piece of code. All other code (including Google Adwords, Google Analytics and third party tags) are managed from within Google Tag Manager

  • Therefore, all maintenance and management of your tags can be done independent of any IT/ development resource

How Marketery can help...

Google Tag Manager Implementation: full implementation instructions to your developers/IT team on how & where to implement Google Tag Manager on your site

Google Tag Manager Configuration: customised configuration of Google Tag Manager based on your business needs & measurement requirements

Google Tag Manager Testing: comprehensive testing on your Google Tag Manager setup to ensure data is accurately being sent & collected

Google Tag Manager Training: in-house training of Google Tag Manager to staff members to ensure they are skilled in the tool's use and capabilities

Google Tag Manager Audits:  it is considered best practice to regularly review your Google Tag Manager container to ensure businesses are clear what data is being collected and who it is being shared with