About Us

Customers look for you online first – 96% of the time.

But getting your marketing to work in the digital age is complex, time consuming and can cost you $1,000’s in lost sales if you don’t get it right. What’s more, technology is changing the way we live our lives and the way we do business, faster than ever before. Making decisions the old fashioned way through opinions and intuition, isn’t smart. But understanding data driven analytics can also be confusing.

Marketery makes this simple.

By collecting and analysing business and industry data, Marketery knows:

  • What products and services people are looking for
  • Where they’re looking for them
  • And how they’re making purchasing decisions
  • And we're changing too, so it can let you know about new opportunities, and make the best recommendations to help your business grow.

It’s complex, but Marketery makes it simple.

Our mission:

Enabling online businesses to make better business decisions through digital analytics & insights.

Marketery is a digital analytics consultancy firm, helping businesses to gain visibility of their website's performance, using various industry-leading tools.  We are passionate in our mission - to uncover online business performance using the latest digital analytics tools and techniques and providing insights to help business maximise their marketing spend and return on investment.

The team is experienced in working with all sized clients and whilst we do consider ourselves data nerds, we'd also like to think we're very approachable and can talk about data in plain English.

At Marketery we have one goal: to generate more revenue for our customers.