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Marketery specialises in Google Analytics.

We focus on best practice implementation of your marketing and analytics tags.  

We pride ourselves on ensuring data accuracy and provide you insight into your entire customer lifecycle - from an initial website visit to paying customer.

How Marketery can help...

Unified Apps & Web Analytics Implementation

Marketery can set up your Google Analytics for apps and web for cross-platform analysis and flexible event measurement.

Google Analytics Implementation

Marketery set up your Google Analytics web tracking and guarantee it's configured correctly in the back end. We use the latest tools to ensure your site speed is not affected and that you can make changes to your tracking in the future without the need of a developer.

Google Analytics Configuration

Marketery set up your Google Analytics account and ensure everything has been configured correctly.  From internal IP exclusions to keeping the nasty web bots away, we've got it covered.

Google Tag Manager Implementation

Google Tag Manager is a free tool for marketers to act reactively to changes in the digital marketing space.  Using Google Tag Manager, marketers are able to add tags to their website without the need of a developer.  Changes and new tags can be made rapidly and do not require code changes to the website. We can provide custom development documentation for the implementation of Google Tag Manager. Once the changes have been made, we can also provide testing in the Live environment to ensure the website data is being collected accurately.  

Custom Google Analytics Audits

It is crucial that the data you are using to make business decisions is accurate. Your data needs to be reliable.  A Google Analytics website audit from Marketery ensures that your website measurement foundations are tracking correctly and that the data you are using is accurate.  

Closed Loop Analytics

Marketery can implement solutions to give you insight into your customer's entire lifecycle - from the time they land on your website, to the time they become a customer.  Using this information you can monitor which of your campaigns are the most effective and calculate a true return on investment.

Privacy Policy Guidelines

If you've enabled any Google Analytics Display features, you are required to notify your visitors by disclosing information in your privacy policy.  Marketery can work with you to ensure you have made the correct changes and are not at risk of having your account terminated.